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Welcome to Stimulation for Couples

We started this website to help couples and share our lives. This website will tell how we started on the road to real love. The fun and adventurous things we’ve done, The ways that we bond to be a stronger team as a couple.

Some of our content is for adults.  We have partial nudity and topics that are not appropriate for children.

We are not a porn site and will not be. There will not be any sex videos, though we will talk about sexual topics.

How it all started.

Our jobs were paying the bills. The kids were healthy, and the house was a great home. The thing is, it wasn’t great. We loved each other but were not really in love. We just hadn’t connected mentally for some time. The sex was awesome for years but slowly went down hill. The problem was that both of us had grown a little unsatisfied. She might not lubricate enough and intercourse was uncomfortable or painful. I was turned off by causing her discomfort and started to have problems with keeping and erection. A doctor suggested using lubricants and stimulants as alternatives for prescriptions. After experimenting with several products we found that sex was awesome again. Some even made it better than ever.  We still had to deal with erectile dysfunction for awhile too. But we overcame it all.

Our life went from okay to Great all over again.


We want every couple to be as happy as we are now.

Using a variety of products and trying new stimulating activities has increased our happiness greatly. We want to help other couples to be as happy as we are. Hopefully our own experiences will help couples and lovers have a great love life and maybe save some relationships.


Our goal is to help make your love life better.

Through this website, you can find advice and items that will help you feel more emotionally, and perform better in the whole bonding adventure that is Love. Take your sex life back and make it great again, or just experience something different to keep it interesting and bring you closer as a team.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and we will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,

D & G



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