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Shopping Online has many advantages that every couple could use. Amazon has a wide variety of products – books, household items, exercise equipment, tools, gifts, everything you can think of. Reviews good and bad on all items. Shopping for intimate items? The delivery is discreet for those personal items.

Shopping online saves you time for the more important task.

Would you rather be at the store or on the beach? Shopping online saves you time for the more important task.

Shopping online saves you time for doing things that are better for your relationship then shopping.

Many couples use shopping to spend time together, that is great. We encourage spending time together. Have fun and bond in your relationship. What about the rest of the time? You could send a few minutes online to do the shopping. Then go do something like a picnic, hiking, sit in front of a fire at home or on the beach.

Why do we Shop at

They have more choices for the products we are looking for. The local stores in our area are limited on selection and stock. Finding a better selection means driving farther and paying for gas, food, and other things along the way. This increases the cost of the products for us. You could drive to a store, that may not have what you want.

The Reviews and Prices, are right there on the Amazon web pages.

online shopping ratings example

You can click on any stars level and read those reviews. in the stores website.

Not having to go from website to website looking at different products and reviews, saying the same things is a time saver.

You are not sure if the products company websites are giving truthful reviews on their own products. So, we go to Amazon and see several products and get reviews right there with a description and price.

The shipping price is worth the gas and time we would use to go find the product ourselves.

The stores don’t have reviews on the shelves for you to read and check the quality of each product before you buy. Yes some people prefer to actually touch an object before they buy and that is fine. We have never been disappointed with the quality of the items we buy after reading the reviews to make the best choice for our needs.

Discreet delivery of the products.

If you have a need for a personal item and don’t want to advertise that you’re shopping or buying it, go to Type in the name of the product or the type of product in the search bar. Then sit back and read the reviews, shop for the best one, or the price you want to pay. The only person that will know you did, is you.

We don’t always buy things that could be embarrassing if neighbors saw them. It’s nice to know everyone in town won’t know about it, when we do. The products come in packages or boxes. It is difficult for someone to figure out what you ordered.

*Plus it can be embarrassing to go to some shops to find or buy some personal and private items.

Fair and Competitive Prices.

online shopping - pricing example

pricing example

In our experiences, we found the pricing is better or about the same as the stores prices.

The only drawback on this is the shipping cost. The convenience and time saved, makes up for that.

How we Use Amazon for our Shopping.

We a make list of household items we need. Decide if it’s worth getting everything at the store or by shopping online. Some products the store doesn’t carry.

Sometimes we want a certain brand or product type the local store does not carry. Or we see an ad for a product we want to try, and the store doesn’t have it.

We like to compare the stores ad prices to Amazon,s and decide where to go shopping. This can save you money, even with shipping cost. Depending on how big the order is and the type of items you get.

We also use the reviews on everything we’re not sure about. Then we decide if it’s worth trying not. The reviews are very helpful and you see the bad and good.

We hope this helps you decide if shopping at is right for you.

There is no pressure to use online shopping from us. We use them all the time and found it saves time and money.

If you like going to the store the we wish you more fun the next time you go. We just don’t enjoy going into stores.

We like Amazon shopping enough to put links and ads on our website. Hope you find them as helpful and convenient as we have.

Thanks for visiting us and have a great life. Please leave a comment or questions for us.


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