Best Treadmills For Home Use – For Your Money

Our old treadmill finally died, so we started searching for a replacement. There was talk about joining a gym, but we don’t really like the atmosphere and prefer to workout at home. Plus with the treadmills in our house. We are more likely to be reminded that it’s workout day.

While searching, we decided to share our top picks for the best treadmills for home use with our readers. Here’s our review, and hopefully it will come in handy for you.

We have talked several times in our post about exercise leading to better sex, and a healthier relationship. Maybe you just need pointed in the right direction to get started. There are a lot of options out there that fit every budget so don’t stop trying. You may not be able to afford your dream machine but you do have options.

Researching treadmills to get the most out of them, plus fit our wallet and home, we found 3 we liked. They 2 had great reviews on Amazon.

Ancheer App. Control Electric Treadmill

Priced at about $460.00 when we checked, it isn’t cheap but the ones we really wanted were a lot more expensive.

– Uses a Bluetooth connection to your smartphone and the Fitshow app to track your sessions and make them more exciting.

– 12 preset programs and heart monitor to help find the best workout for you.

– Built in speakers and a soft platform to protect your floors.

– Top speed of 7.5 mph with 2 hp motor.

– Fold up and roll away for space-saving storage.

– Easy to assemble with easy to read directions, only weighs 88 lbs. so you don’t need to pay for professional installation.

– Will work perfect for walking and jogging.

All 31 reviews we read ( said they are happy with the treadmill and there were no complaints.

The one thing that gave us pause about it was the manual tilt control. We would rather raise and lower the slope by electric control.

Miageek Fitness Folding Electric Jogging Treadmill with Smartphone APP 

Control, Walking Running Exercise Machine

Besides having such a long name it is about equal to our other choice but the price at $528.88 (at the time this was wrote) was the deciding factor for us.

You can control this tread mill as well as personal trainer and health reports through the G-Fit sports app. with a Bluetooth connection.

– Also has 12 preset programs to help you go and a heart rate sensor to help guide your workout.

– Claims to have a quit motor (3hp) so you will not disturb others with noise.

– Top speed 9 mph fine for walking and jogging.

– Folds and rolls for easy storage

– easy to follow directions for assembly and maintenance.

We read 30 reviews and only one was as low as 3, out of 5 stars because the running belt was to narrow but they still liked the treadmill otherwise.

This treadmill also has a manual slope adjust also. Still, for the price compared to the other treadmills that’s not to bad.

EGOFIT M2 Treadmill 3 in 1 Integrate Running Machine 7.5Mph and Vibration Platform Under Desk Treadmill

This little tread mill did not advertise Bluetooth connections but we might have ended up buying it anyway, except for the price. ($699.00 at the time we were looking.) Costing more than the other machines we were looking at we turned it down.

This Egofit M2 is basically 3 in 1. You can use it like a regular treadmill for walking or running, use it for a desk walking treadmill if you have a standing desk to work at home or in the office, or use the vibrating plate on the top for a massaging machine to relax or cool-down.

– No Bluetooth on this one or sensors that we could tell. It does have and auto-stop feature for safety.

– 3hp motor with a top speed of 7.5 mph.

– Stands on end to store so it takes up less space than most treadmills.

– Easy assembly for the handrails

We did not find any reliable reviews for the Egofit M2 (there where none on amazon yet, and the other places we looked might not have been realistic) but we really like the machines look and the video that was shown on amazon made it look good. The price was the only reason we didn’t try it out.

Those are the Three

After hours of searching these 3 treadmills were the ones we found, came closest to fitting our idea of budget and comfort.

The Miageek Fitness and the Ancheer treadmills are more the style we wanted at first, but there are others and you could even look at stationary bikes or elliptical machines. We may decide to get a second machine sometime down the road and that’s where we’ll look first.

The Egofit M2 was mostly out of curiosity at first, but then saw that some other desk walkers didn’t seem to have handrails. The vibro plate might be nice to stand on for a foot massage after a good 30 minute session.

There are tons of treadmills to choose from and you might find one we missed, so even if your not sure about these try looking for your self. You might find just the right machine to help you get motivated or to keep you going.

Keep in Mind

Keep in mind that you need to exercise. Not just work on building your muscles. You need to do cardio workouts to get your blood pumping and your heart rate going. Even if you don’t do any other physical training you need to do this for your health and your love life. Cardio training not only helps your heart and weight loss, it will also increase your stamina.

Get into a workout routine and it will be come a part of your daily life. You will feel better and have less health problems.

Be sure you stretch before and after every workout, it does a lot more than loosen you up. Stretching also helps with blood flow and muscle development.

Thank You, for reading us and leave a comment or question. We love to here from you.

We’ll try to add some links for you to make it easier to find these and other treadmills.


6 Replies to “Best Treadmills For Home Use – For Your Money”

  1. I agree with you totally that exercising is not only good to our health but relevant to have a wonderful life with our partners. Sometimes the rush hour lifestyle makes us lose sight of the need to take good care of ourselves. I used to visit the gym regularly after my long hours of work to stretch myself a bit and lifts some weight but things have changed now. So I don’t even remember the last time I even used the treadmill. 

    Your view of personally getting one would help in my case and I think you’ve provided relevant information here to start off with. Thanks 

    1. I used to run out side a lot, and still do some, but for some reason I stared liking my treadmill better. Maybe its that we watch T.V. or turn on the music without earbuds. I guess after a while you just get use to running on it. 

      Thanks for your time. hope you come back.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us this great post on best treadmills for home use.It is very important to work out for our health benefit.Many people like to go to gym to work out and spend much money anytime they go there.

    The treadmills  you recommended are expensive but if we compare the money we spent in gym everyday we find it is more expensive than buying one treadmill to use at home.

    I will purchase one once I get such amount because it is more beneficial than going to gym.

    1. Yes it will save you money and you don’t have to find the best time to go so the equipment is available or deal with people in the locker rooms if you want a shower.

      We hope you can get one soon, to enjoy being healthier.

  3. I agree that exercise foster a good relationship with your partner since it eliminates stress in the body and makes you stronger. It seems that the EGOFit M2 is a good treadmill which can function as a massager. The shake function looks like it can burn also calories aside from walking and running. However, I think the price is expensive for that addiitional function considering it has no electronics control such as the other 2 treadmills.

    1. We agree with you on the Egofit M2 being to expensive for us right now. The massager is suppose to burn calories and massage at the same time. That would be nice if the price is right for you.

      Thank you for your comments and please stop by anytime.

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