Couples and Goals – The Key to Happiness

Couples and goals

Set your goals and you could be doing this instead of working for a boss.

WAIT! Don’t just scroll past this post. You may miss the most important free lesson you will ever need for a happier life, a better relationship, and the key to staying that way. Couples and goals, or you and your goals – Are a primary part of everything we do. I wish we had known this, way back at the beginning of are relationship. Starting at least from our engagement on. We would have been happier and missed out on a lot of stress.

We have all heard the speech about “setting goals” to be successful in school or at work. You may have heard it while trying to lose weight or working out. That’s because it works. If you take a second a and think about it, you will agree that having a goal is what makes you try harder to accomplish anything you do.

What is a goal? A goal is the way you live every minute of your life.

Goal a plan, target, wish, desire, dream, aspiration, objective, purpose or hope. By this definition a goal is pretty much every thing you do every day of your life.

Goals become mini goals as you accomplish them and that’s how we find our way to the end goal. That is just how we function. Most of the system is automatic to us, we don’t even realize we’re using goals to live every minute of our day.

couples and goals

No matter what your goals are, You can make it happen.


When you get out of bed in the morning your goal is to get out of bed and start your day. Making a cup of coffee is a mini goal to having coffee to help you wake up.

Taking a shower and getting clean, are mini goals to getting ready to go out or feeling comfortable. Taking a shower, brushing your hair, getting dressed, and finding your keys are all mini goals to the end goal ( main goal ) of leaving the house. Leaving the house turns into a mini goal of getting to your destination. ( I hope that made sense to you. It works in my head at least. )

So you see, we live our goals and mini goals in everything we do. Each goal is a mini goal of accomplishing an end goal.

Now you are asking – If we already use goals for everything, why do we need to set them to accomplish our end goal?

Why do we need to set goals?

Setting your goal or goals, really means to organize your mini goals to accomplish the end goal with the best results possible. This makes you focus on the little task ( mini goals ) that need to be done right to get to the end goal, in the best possible way, with the best possible outcome.

Example –
We set a goal of writing this post, to show our readers how important goals are for being happy and accomplishing their hopes and dreams. To reach that end goal, we had to plan out the mini goals like – research the topic and what the best title would be to attract readers to read it. Then we had to lay out goals on how to write it and what details to include that would get the points across that we think are important. After the writing is done, we had goals for editing, adding some pictures to make it look better and publishing it to our website.

That may sound like a lot of work but it will save a lot of time and effort in the long run if you set or organize the mini goals. Our post will look better, read better, and make us proud of our accomplishment if we did it right.

If we had just started writing and doing all the other things without the planning this post would not be worth your time. It would have taken longer to write. We probably would have stepped on each others toes doing the same mini goals at the same time, wasting time and effort.

Setting your goals is about focusing your efforts ( mini goals ) to accomplish the end goal ( main goal ).

So, if you set your money goal is to make a $1,000 dollars a month selling a product, then you need to stop and set your mini goals to focus your efforts in that direction. It will insure your attention is on how to get to the end goal.

Did You Really Set a Goal?

Did you try setting a goal or did you just say I want _______, and call that setting your goal?

When you set your goals it’s important to think of the mini goals that you need to accomplish to reach the end goal.

The thing about setting a goal is, you need a goal, then you have to set mini goals to get it done. If you just have a goal and start working on it you may get there, but with a lot of mistakes along the way.

You will have a better chance and be able to make adjustments to your mini goals, if you set down and plan out how to accomplish it. You can always revise the plan anytime you see a better path, or find some other ideas to help you get to the end goal with the best results.

Once you reach the end goal you can always set your next goal or expand on the first one.

Remember to take a minute and enjoy the feeling of pride for accomplishing the goals you reach. Reward yourself for a great job being finished.

Here is an example of our goals?

As a married couple we needed more income, better jobs or another way to bring in money so we can live the life style we want to in the future without worries. Our original goal was to find better jobs or part-time work to supplement our bank account. So, we started out looking online and in the want ads. That was a lot of work and we did not have any luck for a long time.

Couples and goals

We really love the Wealthy Affiliate program.

Then we found Wealthy Affiliate and our goals changed from finding better jobs to some day running our own online business from home. After checking them out we decided to try their free service and learn to build 2 free websites and run a business through them. If we did not want to sign up for the premium package we still had 2 free websites and could do whatever we wanted with them.

Anyway, we signed up and started the free training. Our goals changed again. We sat down and talked about the websites and what we really wanted to accomplish with them. This led to the idea of making a website to help couples though advice and experience of the things we have seen and done. The other website ( the money site ) would be for selling products and writing reviews.

The goal for this website/blog is to help others, and we have put a couple of links to online stores and to Wealthy Affiliate that will earn a little money but is not the main focus. Most of the links are to help you find the products or services that we write about.

When we set our goals for this Blog site, we had to figure out our mini goals like who would do which task or when to do the training so we both got the most out of it. What type of articles to write? What is our ultimate goal for this site?

So we ended up joining the Wealthy Affiliate program and here we are. Our mini goals change from time to time but the main goal is still the focus of all the mini goals ( to help others ). We decided this site was our first goal and then we would focus on the money site after we reach a point in the training that we felt we were ready. ( I think the money site will be put on hold for a while, because we are enjoying the sharing and the closeness we feel doing this blog for you. )

Remember to set your goals for every goal you have.

This goes for everyone that wants to accomplish a Hope or Dream or Goal. You have to set your mini goals for the main goal to be reached in the manner you desire, for the outcome you will be proud of.

Couples you need to Communicate and work together on all your goals whether it is to be rich or get a new house. The more you talk, plan and work as team, the faster and easier a goal will be to reach. It may help your bonding and improve your relationship too.

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4 Replies to “Couples and Goals – The Key to Happiness”

  1.  This article is a great example of how couples can and should work together to accomplish their goals. I like the concept of helping others first and I wouldn’t be surprised if this site brings in more money than your money site. When you do what you love that tends to happen. One thing I would like to add to the goal setting. Always write down your goals. Brian Tracy says a goal that is not written down is nothing more than a dream. 

    1. Hello Hans,

      Thank you, we would love that if it were to happen. 

      You are completely right about that and we will have to fix that error on our part. It is important to cement your goals in a way that makes them more tangible.

      Have a great year and please come back.


  2. What a great idea to go through the Wealthy Affiliate program as a couple! Rather than being off on the computer by yourself, you can work together, and have joint goals, plus be able to discuss and plan articles and more. I’ll have to get my husband on board with the training!

    1. Hi Fiona,

      It has been a lot of fun and we are bonding even more because of it. We didn’t think we could work so closely together sense our outlooks on some topics are so different. But we have worked out a system and are happier than ever. 

      We hope he joins you or at least supports and helps you. Have a great year.


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