Date Night for Couples – The Guide

Date night should be a staple in your relationship. Just like humans need water and air, a couple needs time together to nurture their love for each other. We are not talking about sex although that can be a part of the activities.

A date night for couples should be about your being together as friends not just as lovers. When you first started dating was it all about the sex. In some cases it could have been, but not in most relationships that make it to being a committed couple.

Usually we take time and get to know each other, to develop a friendship along with the sexual relationship. Bonding as friends is how we learn to live together and work as a team. A stronger couple will be able to over come any obstacle, and be happy to be together.

Keep It Fun

One thing to remember about dating is your suppose to have fun. If getting dressed up and go out to a fancy restaurant causes more stress than fun then don’t do it. You may have to do it for work reasons or something, but don’t call it a date if it’s not fun.

We like to go out to eat, maybe cuddle through a movie or go for a walk somewhere nice. Sometimes we stay home and do something together like play a game or have a few drinks and talk about anything funny or interesting that comes up. Bonding through conversation and activities. Anything you do together and enjoy will work.

Try to make at lease part of every date night about building your friendship. The sexual fun can happen too, but leave some time to be together as friends as well as lovers.

Invite some other couples over and play some games or talk about fun or exciting topics. When you do this for a date night be sure to keep it a couples night and not a wild party. Couples night is about the couples having fun with friends, a party is about all your friends mixing together to have fun.

The main rule we have is – The activity has to be fun for at least one of us. If one of us don’t like it then they get to pick the next date. In other words some activities may not be fun for both of you. Support each other and try to make it fun. We have been to musicals that I had no interest in, and still had a very nice night. I like to see her having fun or doing things that make her happy so it works for us.

You can try new things together or just stay with the activities that work. Throwing something new in the mix keeps it fresh but the main thing is have fun together as friends and lovers.

Be sensual and tease if your want to. We do, every chance we get. It gets our motors running for later.

When to Date

You should have dates as often as your can. Remember how often your wanted to spend time together when your first met and started dating. If your can, make every day of your lives a date. Try making every moment of every day about making each other feel good and loved.

Dating as a committed couple can have tons of obstacles. Kids, work, other family, money, time, and just plain being to tired to go out. There are times it feels like the universe is trying to stop you from having a date or any fun at all. This is when you need to make time for each other the most. Times like this, are the most stressful in your lives and by the time you get though them you’ve forgotten that you need to work together to be happy and feel loved.

Don’t let that happen or if it already happened start dating again and build your relationship back up to full strength.

You may need to schedule date night or date time, but your can also have a mini date every night before bed. Think about it. Everything is done, the kids asleep, and its time to relax and de-stress. Use this time to talk about something funny that happened that day. Hold each other and dance to some music in your heads that only you can hear, or use some real music,

It’s all about being closer and bonding in every way you can, so date each other as often as you can, and for as long as you are together on this earth.

Date Wisely

Dating wisely is very simple. Talk about what you want to do together. As a couple decide if it is something worth doing.

Some Questions to keep in mind are -Will it be fun? Can your afford to do it without causing more stress? When to do it? Travel arrangements ( do your need a taxi or drive yourself )? Do you need a Baby sitter? Do you have to work the next day?

Date for fun and romance, but don’t cause more stress in your life.

Date Night Danger Zones


We mentioned above several times that the main purpose is to have fun and bond with your lover through friendship and romance. You need use your friendship and love as a guide, when choosing a date.

Don’t try to make your partner do something they really can’t stand. If your have not done something give it a try, but if you just can not stand it, don’t do it.

Surprising your lover with a hot air balloon ride, when they are afraid of heights would not be a good idea ( It’s awesome otherwise ).

Another danger zone is don’t do something like, rent a sail boat and try to sail it if you don’t know anything about sailing. Training is needed and it could be dangerous.The smart thing to do would be, take a sailing class together and learn as a team.

You are supposed to love them not try to hurt or kill them.

Did You Hear The One About _______?

You are on a date so keep the stressful and depressing conversations to a minimum. You can talk about those things anytime so don’t spoil your dating time with it. Instead, talk about the good things that are happening or fun topics.

Example – We happened to see a website called and it had a post called Unicorns vs Mermaids – Which is your favorite? That was one of our main topics at a small gathering with a few other couples. It was fun and not a bit of stress was caused by it.

Tell jokes, laugh at each other, play a board game or a game of tag. Heck, play a sexual game. Go knock on your neighbors’ doors and run. Play truth or dare. Go for a drive. You can can do almost anything and turn it into a date if you have the right mentality.

Don’t Get Lost.

It may take some effort at first to remember all of this. Just keep in mind it’s dating. How were you acting on your dates before the universe started closing in?

Stay on track and don’t forget to spend some time with the one person that knows you better than anyone. Your best friend is the one that loves you more than life.

If you don’t feel this way then you’re already lost, and need each other to find your way home.

We hope this helps some one out there discover their best friend again, and have a better life together.

Thank You

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10 Replies to “Date Night for Couples – The Guide”

  1. I have been with my partner for 11 years now and the reason we get each other so much is pure communication and we also are very open to trying out new things, discovering new interests and definitely going on loads and loads of date.. We have been together for a while now, but it’s like we learn new things about each other every single day which can be very exciting. 

    You’ve also made some really great points about forming a bond through friendship and romance. This was such an amazing article and I had a great time reading it. Thank you, and I will definitely be on the lookout for more of your posts.

  2. My children are in their 20’s now and have small children of their own.  I think they get so lost in parenthood that they forget to take care of their relationships, so I’m definitely going to direct them to this article.  They need to keep the “friendship” that drew them together in the first place, alive if their relationships are going to survive having a small, and sometimes demanding, child.  I see the stress at times, although I have to say I think they’re both doing really well overall, but I would like to see their relationships with their spouses grow and stay strong.  Great article with a lot of great advice.  Thanks.

  3. Hi!

    Love is on the air…Dating is an intimate time between two lovers. Take it seriously with fun. A skin to skin touch of lovers is an effective way to have a stronger bonding. Having a committed relationship creates a life-long happy ever after story…Your article is very informative.I have learned from it. 

    All the Best !


    1. We believe that as well. You might want to read some of the other post we have here. They talk about sensual massages and sensual touch not just being sexual. Thanks for stopping by and please visit again.

  4. My business partner has really been struggling with date night with his wife of fifteen years.  He is really trying but coming up short.  I’m so glad i found this post.

    I agree that the most important aspect is to keep it fun and do something that both parties enjoy doing.

    Thank you so much!

    1. Send him our way. We will help any way we can. Some times it’s just the approach. He might need another way to explain what he wants.  Thanks for reading us.

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