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The shame and self loathing that goes with Erectile Dysfunction or ED are serious problems alone. The symptoms can ruin a man. You also need to consider the cause. Erectile Dysfunction is caused by  other health problems. Hopefully this post will help you. Erectile Dysfunction shame

Every man has had a time or two, for whatever reason your little friend didn’t want to play. For some of us it lasted for weeks, months, or many years.

Erectile Dysfunction Hurts Everyone

If you are suffering from Erectile Dysfunction don’t be ashamed, over 3 million other men in the U.S. will have the same issue as you this year. Those are just the reported cases. Shame and humiliation prevent many more from seeking medical help. Some men might not realize there is help. See your doctor and read this post on Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies.

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Men are not the only people affected by Erectile Dysfunction. Their lovers, family and friends will see the changes in personality. They care about us, so seeing the stress and unhappiness causes them to worry.

Our lover suffers as much as we do. Communication and support are very important.. If your lover doesn’t know or understand what is happening then doubts and suspicion will worm into the relationship. This could destroy everything you have built together. Our lovers tend to be even more emotional than us. The doubts can range from, thinking your not attracted to them anymore, to you found someone else.

Help them understand Erectile Dysfunction. They will be able to support your recovery better.

Erectile Dysfunction Symptoms

Unable to get and erection or not able to maintain an erection during sex. Reduced sexual activity and sexual desire.

Hearing it listed like that sounds half as bad as it is. Living with Erectile Dysfunction was very difficult for me and I’m sure for every man that ever had a problem getting it up. The reports should add depression to the list.

These symptoms may come and go. Some men will have no problems one night then go days or weeks before things work properly again. Then the cycle starts over and over.

Erectile Dysfunction causes problems beyond the bedroom

Erectile Dysfunction causes problems beyond the bedroom.

There are times when you get an erection at the start of the fun, just to go soft for no reason. You may even get erect again after a few minutes. Then have the same thing happen all over again. Leaving you both turned on but unable to finish. Add to that problem when it is a special occasion. Like on your anniversary or some other romantic event where ending the night making love would have made it perfect. This causes more stress, worries and feeling of doubt. Worries about what your lover is thinking and worries about your health. Which lead to frustration and depression. The more it happens the worse it gets.

Erectile dysfunction is a very confusing and frustrating problem to have. The men don’t understand why it’s happening. They are aroused emotionally, but can’t perform. Not being able to do something about it screws with your head. Plus, not being able to please you lover messes up your confidence. You definitely don’t feel macho anymore.

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Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile Dysfunction happens when blood flow is reduced and not making it to the penis properly. It can also be caused by muscles in the penis not relaxing. Men that have ED issues, should go to the doctor to have lab test done.

The list of causes include physical and mental problems. Erectile Dysfunction can be a combination of both.

Physical causes include:

  1. Trauma to the penis or spinal cord.
  2. Diseases of the penis, heart or blood vessels
  3. Obesity
  4. High cholesterol, high blood pressure, or high insulin levels (these can combine into a single cause)
  5. Medical conditions such as Diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, and Multiple Sclerosis
  6. Medications like antidepressants and antihistamines
  7. Tobacco and alcohol use
  8. Sleep disorders

Psychological causes include:

  1. Depression
  2. Anxiety
  3. Stress

I can not stress enough that you go to the doctor and be tested. There may be causes that are more life threatening than Erectile Dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction books for more information read one.

My Story

I was hit hard when the symptoms started. Our sex life was good but lacking the passion it once had. Everything else was moving in the right directions. We were happy. Well we tried to be happy that is.

We both had our own problems and we didn’t talk about them like we should have.

When I started having problems in the bedroom I thought it was because she didn’t enjoy the sex anymore. She would get sore and the mood was gone. Turns out she had a Sexual Dysfunction that caused her not to lubricate enough.

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The last thing I wanted was to hurt her and even though she would tell me to finish. I usually had lost my erection already. We finally figured out that using lubricants worked nicely. I still wasn’t able to go all the way sometimes. Then I was not getting erect at all, or just for short periods that only frustrated us more.

I became even more depressed and started missing work or skipping family events. I worried that she wasn’t going to love me as much if I couldn’t even be a man in bed. Then I started having thoughts like they would all be better off without me.

I knew something was wrong. My family loves me and I love them but the thoughts were there anyways.

Finally, I read about depression and decided to go to the doctor. He diagnosed me with depression and prescribed antidepressants. After a few months the Erectile Dysfunction was better but not gone. I did find some supplements that helped but only a little.

I was about 75-100 pounds overweight and had not worked out in years. Our diet was good at home but my plate was stacked pretty heavy most meals. I snacked and ate fast food when away from the house at meal times. I drank soda at least once a day. Usually a couple of 1 liter bottles a day.

So basically, I was out of shape and taking antidepressants. Causing my Erectile Dysfunction to stick around.

Jogging to cure Erectile Dysfunction

Cure your ED by exercising at least 2-3 times a week.

One night after a particularly frustrating time in the bedroom (WE had started using sex toys to finish her off),  I finally decided that I was going to get back in shape. I had read that working out and eating a nutritious diet without all the snacks and fast food would help with depression. I think cutting the sodas back to one or two a week helped a lot.

I started out slowly and just walked and did sit-ups, push-ups and lifted weights. Worked my way up to jogging and sometimes going to the gym with a friend. We found some herbs and pills for working out, helped with Erectile Dysfunction problems. Go to the link below to read more on that.

Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies.

Erectile Dysfunction curedWe noticed a big difference in the bedroom in only a week. Doing cardio workouts at least 2-3 times a week. I lost a little weight. The real news is that I was feeling better all around. In bed and out.

I took myself off the antidepressants and never looked back. Exercise helps with depression too. I feel good and very seldom have and problems while making love to my wife. When I do have Erectile Dysfunction issues, it’s always after getting lazy.

The doctor still tells me to lose some weight.

Stop using tobacco or at least cut back, and do the same with alcohol. Those two things could be most men’s problem.

This might not work for some men depending on the cause of their Erectile Dysfunction. Think about going to the doctor for  other problems that are causes.

When you are healthy your blood flows better and that makes you feel better. Better for life and better for your lover.

Most of all better for yourself.

I didn’t mention erection pills because supplements and herbs were all I used. I did try Viagra once and had a bad reaction to it. I still didn’t get much of an erection either.Drugs for Erectile Dysfunction Maybe because parts wear swelling that are not suppose to and being in pain didn’t help. You have to decide if you want to give shots or pills a try.

Thank you for reading this post.

Please leave any comments and come back anytime. We hope you will start exercising more for your health and your love.

Exercise has made our lives better. It will fix a lot of issues health and others.



Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies.

Erectile Dysfunction books

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