Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies

We are going to share some Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies with you. I have used them, and will review how well they worked for me. We hope this post is helpful to everyone .

Erectile dysfunction natural remedies

ED causes problems beyond the bedroom.

I started having problems with ED during a bad time in our lives. I thought it was because things were not as fun in bed anymore.

We tried to spice-up our relationship by exploring sex toys and games. We did find some satisfaction and had a lot of fun. The ED problems were still there. I would get turned on but, not have an erection. Sometimes my erection would go down in the middle of the fun. This was very frustrating for both of us.

The sex toys did help me feel better, sense I could still help her orgasm. Some even helped me get off. Even when Mr. Penis wasn’t working right.

Having ED still caused a lot of problems for us until we sat down and talked. Talking cleared the doubts she was having. We were able to move on, finding and fixing the other problems we had.

First we went to the doctor to find out the cause. He told us what was happening and some ways to deal with it. Then we began dealing with Erectile Dysfunction and other health issues. That started our search for Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies.

To learn more about ED and our story click here.

First thing to do for ED problems.

If, you are having any Erectile Dysfunction issues you should see your doctor.  What health issues are causing your ED? 

Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies

Support your lover and work though all your issues as a team.

Before you start Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies, be sure there are not other health problems.

Most Erectile Dysfunction natural remedies affect to your blood pressure or how your body produces hormones like testosterone.

Some side effects from Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies are good. Increased blood flow, more energy, better stamina, and stronger erections. Some may even help with building muscle if you workout the right way. Those are the reasons we use them.

Under the wrong conditions like Heart problems or mixing with prescriptions, those side effects could be life threatening.

Using Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies helps, but you need to protect your health.

The Best Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies Start by Taking Action.

If, you want any Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies to help, you need to take action. Here are the things we believe helped the most.

  1. The most best ED remedy is Exercise –
    Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies / exercise

    Exercise is the most important Remedy. click here to see equipment.

    Yes, exercise! You need EXERCISE for healthy blood flow and stamina. If, you don’t exercise, you probably won’t get good results from anything. You may see results from Prescription strength pills like Viagra. They cost and are dangerous to a lot of people. ( I had a very bad reaction to them myself ) If, you want results, then you need to work for them. Do some kind of cardio workout, at least 3 times a week. Walking, running, cycling, and I’ve heard yoga are all good choices. Exercise is the #1 Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies.

  2. Quit Smoking, Limit Alcohol Use –  Using these can cause men ED. You may not realize how they affect your body. They interrupt the hormones we need for sex.. Smoking and drinking also cause your blood vessels damage. If blood isn’t getting to your penis, you’re not getting and erection.
  3. Prescription drugs may have side effects that will cause ED. Talk to your doctor about changing or methods to help.
  4. Diet – You are what you eat. If you eat unhealthy food you will be unhealthy. Being overweight causes blood flow issues and Self-image problems (  Self-image plays a major role in enjoying sexual activities ).
    Fruit is a good item for Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies

    Fruits are healthy way to eat between meals. Some contain nutrients that will improve your sexual performance

    Some foods can affect ED, Foods are like drugs in the sense that – You put them in your body and some will affect you more then others. Some foods will do good things, and some will do bad. Follow a healthy diet. Avoid the unhealthy stuff (soda, candy) and you should be fine. A lot of fruits and vegetables contain nitric oxide which is supposed to help with ED. Bottom line is, if you eat right you are using an Erection Dysfunction Natural Remedies.

  5. Stress – Stress is said to be the #1 killer in the world. We face stress all the time. Some of us handle it better than others. If, you have a lot of stress, it could be causing more than ED. In fact, I’d guess that you probably have other health issues on top of ED. Do something to relieve the stress or find a way to get rid of it. See a doctor!

If you are looking for Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies, try to follow the above advice as much as you can. They are the best natural remedies.

Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies – Check the Information before Buying.

Okay, we are about to list supplements and herbs. I used them along the way. We will attach links to the Amazon website or Adam & Eve’s website. You can check them out for yourself, or look for other similar items that look better to you.

Some Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies worked different on a friend. So keep in mind that everyone is different and products may affect you differently. It took me several tries to find the right ones.

Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies

Example of a customer review.

Most of the supplements are made to help workouts and build muscle. Companies found that men were showing signs of sexual improvement while using the products. They started advertising them as Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies to boost sales.

Some pills do not work at all because the ingredients are poor quality. Find reviews or reports before you buy. The herbs need to be good quality to work. You will not get results when they’re not.

The FDA has reports on herbs, but does not regulate Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies. You need to be careful and know what you are getting. We trust Amazon customer reviews and still check others.

Most of the honest companies that make the products have a satisfaction guarantee. This means their Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies are better quality. 

Don’t make orders from a text or website that says “free samples”. They take your data, and sign you up for monthly orders. Charge it to your card after the first __ days ( free trial ). The product may not arrive before your free trial is over. If you don’t call to cancel you will be charged for the next order. Getting your money back is not likely. They may refund part of it. You won’t get all of it back. I was hit for a $100 for a one month supply.

The List Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies – Supplements and Herbs

  1. Beetroot Juice
    Beetroot mix for Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies

    Beetroot Mix

    – This Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies item makes a big difference in the way I feel. I have more energy and better stamina. We have tried making our own juice and buying the mixes. I like the mixes better. They taste okay, and are less cleanup. The mix has other supplements in it. They help with workouts and building muscle. I have not had any bad side effects after 2 years of use. It’s not a cure for ED. It is the best of the Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies I’ve used. It has made a big difference in our lives. Does not work fast.  I noticed a difference in a few days. I use Beetroot, 3 or more times a week.

  2. Ginseng A fix all herbal remedy. Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels, boost energy, helps relaxation and reduces stress. Can have strong side effects. We suggest taking lower doses to start. Build up to the amount that works for you. As an Erectile Dysfunction natural remedies it works. Gensign can work quickly ( within 2-4 hours ). It felt like a caffeine buzz and caused insomnia.
  3. L-arginine Works by opening the blood vessels for better blood flow. I had to use higher than recommended doses to get some results. The side effects of diarrhea and cramps when taking extra made me stop using it.
  4. Ginkgo Increases blood flow to the penis. This helps maintain an erection and ups your stamina for a time. I did not personally have a response to Ginkgo. A friend of ours swears he gets ” the best wood ever! ” when he uses it. He has not had bad side effects either. The warnings say Ginkgo can increase bleeding. Being on the Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies list might be do to how the brain works. Ginkgo Biloba helps the brain work better.
  5. Horny Goat Weed I tried this when I first had problems and had some positive responses. Being honest, it may have been a mental trick on myself. Still we have to add it to the list of Erectile Dysfunction natural remedies. Even if I tricked myself into believing it was working. I did have results when using it.
  6. Testosterone Boosters – I tried these for only a short time. They seem to help a little with ED and muscle building. After finding out more about the side effects I stopped. The side effects include depression. They also cause breast growth, urination issues and prostate problems. Did they work well enough to make the Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies list? Yes, I didn’t use them very long but, still feel they had some positive effects on me.

There are many more Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies out there.

We have tried others but with no luck. That does not mean they wouldn’t work for you.

Read the reviews and see what others think after using them. Read labels and don’t over use the herbs. Do not take something you should avoid. Most Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies have warnings for heart issues.

Remember the Best Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies are – Cardio Exercise, Healthy Diet, Stop Smoking, Quit Drug Use, Limit Your Alcohol Intake, and Reduce Stress Levels. Making these lifestyle changes are free, and might save you money.

If, you want to learn more about ED or other topics for couples, please visit our home page. See what we’ve been doing and the advice we share.

Thank You,

We Hope this post on Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies helps you and you come back to visit again. Leave a comment or any questions for us and we will get back as soon asap.


P.S. Here is another Place to find Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies. Adam & Eve

8 Replies to “Erectile Dysfunction Natural Remedies”

  1. A very interesting and helpful article and site worth visiting for. Though I haven’t experienced having an ED yet, I can affirm here that the number one natural remedy listed in your article which is “exercise” is apparently true. I am actually a fitness enthusiast and used to workout at the gym regularly and as per my personal experience every time I’m done with my workout at night, I usually have an erection all night long and can’t really skip a night without having a good “S” my wife despite of my older age now.

    Having these natural remedies are really far better and safe than viagra and others which are detrimental to health and I’ve even heard some news about these guys who used these supplements / herbs who were found dead while having sex because they took some of these.

    Thanks really for this great article / site and  I would really love to visit again sooner.


    1. Thank you Julius, we hope you stay healthy and never need to use anything for help. Exercise is a great way to help with any problems and should be done by everyone. We would all be happier and healthier.

      Hope to hear from you again.

  2. What a useful post thank you for sharing your story. My husband and I have been to get her for 8 years, married for 4. Gotta admit things aren’t that adventurous as It was during the first 3 years. I really think that stress and drinking really distract us from spending time together. We experienced some ED several times but my husband refused to talk about it. How did you both start the talk? My husband is also very old school, doesn’t not like the toys as well. All I can do is probably just to encourage him practing your 5 tips and get supplements for him. We will see how it turns out. 

    1. Hello Nuttanee, Thank you for sharing with us. Stress and drinking are likely causes. If you can, get him to the doctor and make sure it’s not something more serious. Erectile Dysfunction can be a warning of other health problems.

      In our case, I had depression and was overweight, causing more issues as well. But there are heart and blood problems that could be more life threatening. We started talking about my ED problems after I realised these were the causes. 

      It can be very hard for a man to admit to ED and you need to be supportive and helping in talking to him. If he refuses to talk about it then find a way to let him know that you are not happy. He needs to grow up and deal with it one way or another. It’s not just him that is effected. As a couple you need to talk about problems like this and work together to fix it.

      Please let us know how things go, and if you have any other questions.

  3. Thanks for this review on erectile dysfunction it is indeed one reason so many relationships have a bad ending the inability to satisfy your woman when needed is a let down because I was a victim and cured it with some proscription from my doctor after which it came back, please which of the herbs listed in your review is more effective? 

    1. Seun, thank you for reading our post. Prescriptions for Erectile Dysfunctions are usually for temporary fixes. You need to find the cause and fix that for a permanent cure. 

      As far as the herbs go if your looking for a quick fix then I had the best luck with ginseng but again it was not a cure. My friend had better results using gingko, but if you want a cure then you should use the other tips we mentioned above. Exercise and diet are the most important. I’m currently using the health tips and drinking beetroot juice. Beetroot is not a quick fix but is the safest and has been great for adding energy and stamina.

      We hope this helps and that you let us know how it works for you.

  4. Many marriages today have ended because of erectile dysfunction. It’s become a major problem in homes today, as the man can’t perform well on bed. But I believe that if the couple work together on solving this problem, it’ll be a forgotten problem soon enough. Thanks for this. It’s going to help a lot of families. 

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