Home Meal Delivery Service – Wonderful for Couples

We all have our problems with meal times. A home meal delivery service could fix some of them.

Sometimes there is nothing in the house to eat or you didn’t have time to stop for that chicken you needed. Trying to eat healthy makes it worse. Plus the time to cook a meal after the trip to the store.

My sister told us about an online ordering system that she used that made meals easier for her. She spends less time at the store and less money than eating out a lot.

You order the number of meals you want each week. They portion the food to your number of servings. Included are the packets of seasonings and recipes so you have everything you need to prepare those meals.

We hope this service will help you, like it did us.

A Problem With Grocery Stores

As a couple we try to eat healthy all the time, but life always gets in the way. You get off work late, or something comes up that you had to go do. You get home and remember you needed to go grocery shopping. So, you eat those frozen pizzas or something just as bad for a quick meal.

Maybe you go out to eat or order delivery, because going to the store is a hassle and your not in the mood to deal with it. Most of the time it’s either not a healthy choice of food or it cost a lot more than eating at home.

In our case, the local store is limited in choices. The produce is at the end of its shelf life or cost as much as eating out. We would need to go at least 25 miles to the next town with a better grocery store and they are not much better.

We could drive about an hour ( one way ) to a city and get everything we need for better prices, but then we spend all that gas to get there and back. That ends up being an all day trip and we end up stopping to eat at least once anyway.

Don’t get me wrong, I like spending time with my wife and a trip to the city is nice for other activities. We both dislike grocery shopping and we lack the storage space at home to make the trip worth it. Cheaper food and fewer trips
to the store is a great thing to us.

Cooking Time

Cooking some meals can take hours and usually it’s worth every second, but not in the middle of the week. Most of us have better things to do on week nights, so we fix something easy that may not be good for us. Frozen meals can take 45 minutes or more to bake. Microwave meals are faster, but don’t taste very good.

Most of the meals that we have received from the delivery service, take 20 – 30 minutes to cook the whole meal. Even less when we work together. One person can cook the meal and have every dish ready at the same time just by following the directions with the recipe.

This leaves you time for more enjoyable evenings.

Stay Healthy

When we started using this system, we checked a few and decided to use Blue Apron. They seemed to be a little healthier and the selection of meals was better for us.


We decided that eating healthier was our main concern but we also thought trying new foods and flavors would be great. Looking at the menu made it clear we didn’t even need to select the diet menus, because most of the meals are pretty healthy already.

The meals are always varied so your not eating similar food night after night. One meal might be Italian and the next could be Chinese or just about anything you think of.


One of our problems was getting fresh vegetables like lettuce or other produce for meals. If it is fresh it cost enough to make eating out sound better by time you payed for everything.

We haven’t had a meal yet that wasn’t completely fresh and eatable. We did forget to cancel for a week when we were going out of town, so we put the meat and chicken in the freezer and the veggies in the frig and everything was fine when we came back. That was a nice surprise nothing going to waste. If we had gotten the same things at our store I doubt they would have made it.

The packages we get have ice packs that keep the food fresh until we get home that evening. You unpack
the box and you have meals for however many nights without a trip to the store.

The cost is cheaper that eating fast food to.

The Menu

The meals vary like we said before, but you can request diets like vegetarian meals or not. Once you sign up they will send you a notice every week for your menu. You can also go online and select a different meal if the one they are sending you doesn’t sound good.

Blue Apron usually sends us a combination of beef, pork, chicken, fish or shrimp. The veggies selection is really good to.

Plus some spices sent with the meals would be hard to find for us if we were to try the recipes on our own.

The different cuisines come from all over the world, some places I’ve never even considered what the food would taste like. Those are the one that surprise you the most.

There have been only a couple of meals that we didn’t care for but even they were okay. That’s one of the great things about this service, we get to try new foods that we never would have otherwise.

We Hope Our Experiences Can Help You

We really enjoy cooking together when we can, to spend time as a team and as lovers. Starting the program about 10 months ago, we worried that everything would burn or not get cooked enough.

The recipes are easy to follow and after a couple of meals you’ll find a rhythm and be ready to cook up a storm. Cooking these meals will make you feel like you cooked a gourmet meal without the fancy kitchen. In 20 to 30 minutes ( most of the time ) you’re eating a gourmet meal you cooked yourself, it’s great.

We talk about Blue Apron here, because they are the ones we have used, and can say we’re happy with them. We’ll see about getting some links to their website so you can check them out easily.

Thank You

We write these post to help other couples and anyone that wants to read them. So, if you leave a comment or question we will try the answer you. Your data will not be used in any way other than to help protect our web page and you.


6 Replies to “Home Meal Delivery Service – Wonderful for Couples”

  1. What an incredible way to promote a home delivery service.  Sell it by promoting time together.  I think this is one of the best ways about thinking outside the box that I have ever seen.

    On the next stage my wife and I have been looking for quite a while at different home delivery services.  They all seem similar so for us its coming down to price now.

    Thank you for a great article and once again a big kudos goes to you.


    1. We really do like the convenience they have proven to be and our time together is special to us. Maybe they will give us a link to so we can earn some thing for this.

  2. Thank you for this nice and content filled post, I will recommend it for all couples out there, so many times you just get busy and you have no option than eating out there, but with this review of yours I think the blue apron is a perfect alternative to that, how can I get the link to their website so I can check it out myself. Thank you. 

    1. We are happy with it. We’ll try to get a link from them to make it more convenient for our readers. You can also go to Blue Aprons website just type it into your search bar. Thank you.

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