Questions for Couples – Can We Be Happy?

Couple walking by the water at sunset Questions for couples can happen anywhere.

Couple walking by the water at sunset. Questions for couples can happen anywhere.

Have you ever seen a couple and thought, they look so happy ” the perfect couple”. In this post ” Questions for couples ” we want to help you be that perfect couple.

All couples have problems of some sort. No one is perfect and that is what makes you an individual. You know that, and your other-half knows that. These differences are probably part of the attraction between you. We are going to suggest some questions for couples that will make them think and communicate.

Why? Because, for you to be comfortable and happy with another human you need to understand them. They also need to understand you. If you can do that then your relationship will grow stronger and your happiness will too.

The hardest questions for a couple to ask is ” Can we be Happy? ” That is the most important of all. If you both answer yes then you are halfway to being happier. If one of you says no, then you may want to seek professional help or move on with your lives.

Before you give up, you should try this Questions for Couples exercise and get to know each other again. Who knows, maybe you’ll find that spark and fall in love all over again.

We hope everyone will stay together and work as a team to be the Perfect Couple, we all want to be.

Honesty, is the most important part of couples asking questions.

You have to be honest with your lover and more important with yourself. One of the main reasons couples have problems stems from not knowing about something that could have made a difference.

For example – You liked your lovers long hair. They didn’t know it mattered so they got it cut short. Afterwards you ask why, because you really liked it long. They might get upset with you for not saying so before, or upset with themselves for getting it cut and not being as desirable to you. This situation could have been prevented by simply knowing how the other person felt.

Friends of mine actually had this happen. It got pretty bad until they calmed down and talked about it. The real problem was the insecurities of the girlfriend, who got her hair cut. Turns out she got it cut to get his attention ( She thought he would like the change ) and it backfired on her. She could have asked how he felt about her getting her haircut. He should have been telling her way before this happened that he loved her long dark hair. If they had been Asking question as a couple or at least some form of communication they would not have gone through all this stress.

By asking questions as a couple, and answering honestly you can prevent all sorts of problems and learn things that make your relationship stronger. By discussing topics that come from these questions you can combine your goals and desires and accomplish them as a team.

Some questions for couples to ask are fun, and lead to other fun activities.

Questions for couples in action.

Questions for couples in action.

Here are Some Questions For Couples to Ask each other.

What do you like about each others bodies?

What turns you on the most?

When you retire what do you want to do?

Where would you build your dream house?

What are your favorite activities to do together in and out of the house?

How do you feel about each others friends?

If you had a wish, what would it be?

What are your hopes and plans for the future?

What are some of your fantasies?

How are the finances? And what should we do with that information?

What about the kids?

Why do you want this or that?

What can you do to help each other with any problems or doubts?

What should we do to keep the house feeling like a home?

How do you feel about your lovers family?

When and where should we go for vacation?

What kind of food should we eat?

Do we want cable TV or Netflix or both?

Keep your Questions Fresh.

Those are just a few questions for couples to ask each other. The questions couples ask are only limited by what matters to you and your lover.

Start thinking of new questions for your lover and the plans for your lives together. You might be surprised by the small things you didn’t know. Asking the right questions might lead to a great discovery about your lover and bring you closer together.

The real goal is to learn as much as possible about each other, your relationship and your futures together. Doing the questions for couples exercise is mostly to teach you to communicate better so you can learn and bond for your relationship. The more you know the closer you come to being that perfect couple.

Working as a team to help build a great future starts by knowing your goals as a couple. Asking questions puts you on the same wavelength moving forward. Not pulling in different directions.

Be a team, work toward the same goals and help your lover accomplish their goals.

Another great benefit of asking questions will be finding out the likes and dislikes of the things you do together. Knowing what makes each other happy, helps make everything a lot more fun.

You may find new things that you want to try together. Like skydiving or volunteering for an event. You might discover you have a common fetish or a new sexual act that you want to try.

Some questions for couples may be hard to ask and even harder to answer. Do your best. Don’t get all bent out of shape if some questions take a while to get answered. The whole reason your doing this is to learn about your lover. If you pressure them they might not be willing to share everything.

Do not start a fight!

Don't do this Please. Questions for couples isn't suppose to be a fight. Your suppose to bond and love.

Don’t do this Please. Questions for couples isn’t suppose to be a fight. Your suppose to bond and love.

Using Questions for Couples like a game of truth or dare could make it easier to do.

Be careful when having these discussions. Some topics can be sensitive and need a gentle approach. Try not to pressure your lover and give the topics a chance to come around when they are ready. This may take some time but understanding and togetherness is the goal here not arguing and bad feelings.

You will not agree with everything you learn about your lover. Those differences are what make us human. Talk about these topics and understand why they feel that way but, you don’t have to agree on everything.

Remember, couples asking questions is just a way to bring you closer and help you bond as a couple. Arguing will not help anything, so try discussing a topic before you get mad. If one or both of you start getting upset, step back and find something else to talk about or do.

Give these questions and answers time to cool down then approach it a different way next time. If it’s not a big deal then just forget it. There is no reason to fight about something that doesn’t mean a lot to you.

Do not ask a question if you don’t want to know the answer. Couples asking Question they know will start a fight are not going to get anything from this exercise.  Also, have respect for yourselves and give honest answers.

Couples asking questions of each other, need to be honest to be happy.

Can you be honest with your lover? Are they going to be honest with you?

This is where couples asking questions of each other need to understand that if you start out easy and build up to the harder questions you’ll have a chance to loosen up and the answers will come out quicker and with more truth to them.

Questions for couples is like any game. It takes a little practice to learn to play, but the benefits are worth it.

Will you even try to get closer and happier as a couple?

Couples asking questions – is meant to bring couples together and help plan the future. It is an activity that might bring up differences, but if handle like adults will build a stronger bond between you.

Asking questions also helps remove doubts and insecurities that can drive a wedge between lovers.

Couples questions should turn out like this

Couples asking questions should turn out like this.

Thank You for reading this blog.

We hope this is helpful to you all. Enjoy your lives they’re way to short. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.







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