Sensual Bonding for a Stronger Relationship

Relationships of any kind need to be strengthened through bonding. Bonding is accomplished by doing something mutually entertaining or emotionally significant together.  Family bonding can is accomplished though activities such as game night or an outing together. Friendships are bettered by activities or working together.

Couples are a combination of family and friendship. They need to spend time together doing activities with others and as just a pair. Spending time with friends and family will give you topics and ideas to talk about, and can improve social respect for each other.

Spending time together without any outside distractions is a great way to keep building on a relationship and gives each person a chance to express their feelings for the other. Verbally expressing these feeling is great and helps with the emotional expressions but actions speak louder than words.

Cuddling is a favorite of many couples to feel closer and bond. Through simply spending a relaxing evening snuggled together and talking or watching a movie. Make it more sensual by dressing in lingerie and boxers or go nude.

Listening to music is great for times like this. Providing entertainment and a chance to have a meaningful conversation. You could even dance together, as long as you are having a good time you are bonding in a special way.

Bonding as a couple is taken to a new level when sex is involved. Going straight to the main course is often very exciting and satisfying at first but after time it can get boring and lose the appeal. Dressing sexy and experimenting with other forms of sex can help liven up the bedroom. Foreplay will build your anticipation and prolong the time you are be intimate together.

Sensual messages and touching can show your true feeling and love for your partner. Loving caresses and relaxing touches can make good sex into a great act of love and bring you closer together.

Communication is also very important. Let each other know what feels good. Telling a lover they are making you feel great will encourage them to try harder. When something is uncomfortable say so, and try something different. The idea is the convey your emotions for each other through acts of love and release.

Note that not everything has to be about sex. A kiss as you pass by or a touch with your hand. Just talking and building your trust, making plans for the future. Sitting and relaxing together at the end of the day will help your bond grow stronger.

This will help strengthen your trust and respect for each other while increasing your need to please the person you fell in love with. Bonding though love will fix a lot of things and make the rest of your problems easier to deal with.

Remember to let your loved one know how you feel about them. A touch or kiss as you pass each other during the day will is a small gesture that adds a lot of help to your bond growing.

With love in our hearts life will succeed,

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4 Replies to “Sensual Bonding for a Stronger Relationship”

  1. This is a great piece, if only couple’s can adopt this through -out there lifetime break ups will drastically be reduced.

    I love the aspect where you said “couple’s are a combination of family and friends. When your spouse is your best friend, you share moments of sorrows, pains joy and laughter together.

    It is good to also play games and reward the winner, spend quiet time together, reflect on your past and plan what you want future to be like.

    Occasional kisses and touches spice up your relationship and gives good memories when you are apart.

    Thanks for this, I really appreciate. 

    1. Thank you, for visiting our site and for your comments. We agree completely with you about playing games, quiet time and planning the future. Kisses and touches are a very important part of our relationship. Happy Bonding!

  2. What a nice post you wrote!

    Very sweet.

    I am in a very fortunate position that I can spend so much time together with my wife.

    We just spent 10 months traveling around Thailand, Cambodia and Laos and our relationship is cemented strong after 7 years together.

    It is a wonderful experience to travel together, exploring new places and having new adventures.

    We spent many nights at ‘home’ listening to music and singing songs together and a bottle of nice red wine to keep it smooth.

    We are now back home in the Philippines for the holidays to see families, but planning our next trip already.

    This time it could include Myanmar.

    What made the trip so special was being able to 100% focus on each other.

    It is something I would recommend every couple does at least once in their life.

    We now have a few thousand photos to relive the moments.


    1. That would be a great trip to take. We’ll have to keep that in mind. I agree that time with your wife where you can share activities like you did is special. Live, Laugh, and Love Forever.


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