Sensual Love – Not Sexual Love

We are humans and as humans we need love and affection. Our souls need Sensual love and affection to thrive. It is the food that feeds our very existence. As children, we need our parents love and the affection of our family and friends. All different kinds of love. We are so much happier and healthier when we have some form of love in our lives.

Sensual love is how we connect with those other human souls that we love and want to be loved by.

Acting sensual doesn’t mean you are being sexual. Sensual feelings are emotional feelings, sensual touches are emotional touches. It is being affectionate and showing emotions to our lovers through touch, sound, smell, sight, and even taste.
That’s right, all five senses.

Kiss of Love. Man sensually kissing woman on the cheek from behind.

Man kissing woman on the cheek from behind…

These senses are the ways we navigate our lives so they would be the only ways to accomplish this goal.

Why Be Sensual?

The main reason to be sensual is to make your lover feel appreciated and loved. Everyone needs to know they are wanted. Showing your feelings for each other will help clear out any doubts or insecurities in your relationship. It will open communication between you and help bond you tighter together as a couple.

Being more sensual lets your partner know you care and want to be with them. Just a touch or kiss can send so many messages and all of them are forms of love.

Being more sensual with your lover can also lead to more sexual encounters and sensual signals during sex can intensify your sex life greatly.

Sensual Love for the Senses

We use our senses to navigate though our daily lives. They warn us of danger, help us find things we need (food, water, shelter, car keys) and accomplish every task we do. They even help us communicate by helping us hear and see others communicating with and around us.

By using the senses you can send sensual messages to each other. My favorites are touch and taste, but all 5 senses can play a roll in sensual signals to your lover.

Sensual Caresses

When we touch others we can send any message. There is really no limit to what can be said. Depending on how it’s done a single touch can send different messages. Taking someones hand can be a sign of love or a warning of danger.

Sending loving signals through touch is just a matter of the situation and how we touch our lover at that time and place.

I Dream of Jeannie. On the Beach. sensual touch on the cheek.

I Dream of Jeannie. On the Beach..

A caress on the back when you pass by. Kiss on the neck. How close you hold them during a hug. A squeeze of the hand you are holding. Gently blowing across a body part. Those are all examples of sensual touches. The sky is the limit on how many ways couples can send their lover loving signals. Like touching them or causing a sensation that they will feel (blowing in the ear).

Caressing and kissing, while not always sexual are also very popular during sex. Adding a breath of air on damp body parts or little licks and nibbles, softly sucking, teasing strokes, even pinches at the right time in the right places can make good sex into an intense loving event.

Taste the Sensual Side of Love

How do we send love though taste?

When people talk about taste we think about foods or drinks. That’s where we start for this topic. Food isn’t sensual by its self. If you take the time to make your love their favorite meal or dessert for a romantic evening. Tasting that food, knowing you went out of your way to do it just for them, shows your love in a special way.

Take a bowl of fruit and sit by the fire or candle light and feed each other. Enjoy doing this and the next time you eat that fruit might give you sensual feelings for you lover for enjoying the time bonding with you.

Be sure to tell them about it, when you show them how it made you feel.

Sensual Chocolates usually make a nice treat to surprise a lover with, just because you love them.

While making love, some couples may enjoy tasting each other in different ways. Licking the sweat off the skin or oral sex and body fluids turn many people on. There are some products with flavoring that taste fine and may help you to enjoy the sense of taste during sex more.

We will try to post some reviews in the future on products we try our selves.

Hearing a sensual love song.

Emoji boy and girl holding hands a heart between them. Sharing a sensual look.

Sensual lovers sharing a look.

Telling your lover you love them or hearing them say “I love you” is a sensual event all by itself. To hear those 3 words makes us feel needed and secure in the relationship. You probably want to hear it all the time and you should say it every chance you have. If you don’t, you should start. Couples might even want to sit down and talk about why they stopped being sensual or don’t say I love you, to each other anymore.

A whisper in the ear or a nice compliment go a long way sometimes. Say encouraging words to your lover and let them know your on their team.

Play some music to set a sensual mood or just to cover the annoying back ground noises that can be distracting.

Sounds in the bedroom can be exciting for love making as well. Communicating what you like and making sounds of joy or need, get the heart beating and encourage efforts for more entertaining nights.

Sight – seeing sensual signals

Showing love by dressing up or dressing sexy is an obvious way to be visibly sensual for them, but there are more.

Decorating a room or the house with symbols of love, or a romantic theme. Just turning down the lights is a visual clue that you want to be close and snuggle with your lover.

Even seeing you do something for them like fixing a broken item or changing your hair can make them feel loved.

A wave and smile from across the room can change a person’s mood and cheer them up. Hand signals can show feelings as well. Writing a love letter is easier for some to express their love. Draw a picture, take a picture, show them a picture that moves you.

When we see our love ones are happy and having fun we feel better, this is part of love. So make sure to show your happiness when ever possible.

Seeing each other nude or partially nude is usually more sexual in motivations, but to be honest all sexual acts are sensual. Not all sensual actions are sexual. Taking your clothes off for your lover can really sensually and sexually excite them and lets them know you want them as much as they want you.

Couples will use visual stimulants sometimes to liven up the mood. This can range from setting up candles or dressing sexy to watching erotic moves. Every couple is different and should try new things to keep it fun.

Smells Help You to be Sensual too.

If you smell your favorite food or a nice scented candle it helps make you feel better. Certain smells can be relaxing but did you know that some are sensual.

Pretty much any smell people encounter can have an effect on what we think about or how we feel. Humans don’t smell odors as well animals but we do smell a lot of things, some we don’t even know they are there.

Keeping nice fragrant candles or some flowers in the room helps with the mood of the people in it.

We can also use odors to effect how people feel about us. If you have bad body odor then people will avoid you. If you smell nice people will feel better around you and like being around you more. If you wear your lovers favorite perfume or cologne they will like being closer to you every chance and appreciate your caring enough to wear it for them.

Lighting a scented candle or some incense can set the mood for a more intimate encounter. Some people get turned on by smells that relate to different things. I new a woman that got hot when she smelled buttered popcorn. To each their own, we don’t judge we just try to get couples to be happy together.

Pheromones are another scent that helps tell your some one’s moods and feelings. We may not have control of them but they are there. It’s believed by some that we give off pheromones constantly, that tell every one that catches them our mood at that moment. So maybe if you were to think about your feelings for a few minutes before approaching your partner you might send a few Sensual Pheromones to them. It may get their hormones flowing an lead to sensual petting then to sexual fun.

Be a Sensual lover all the Time.

5th century lovers kissingOur hope in writing this post is that couples learn that there are millions of ways to let your lover know how you feel about them.

Remember being  a sensual lover is not always sexual in nature. Sensual communication is how we show our love.

It is important to show your love as often as possible to eliminate doubt and insecurity. They lead to more problems. So, let the people you care about feel, see, hear, taste, and smell your love all the time.

The couples that everyone wants to be like are always very sensual around each other. They kiss, hold hands, whisper, sit closely together, little touches, and look nice for each other. They probably smell good too.

Thanks for reading our post and leave us your thoughts and comments please. Be Sensually active with your lover and the sexually active moments will be better.





6 Replies to “Sensual Love – Not Sexual Love”

  1. HI DnG,I just had a look at your site and I think it is great work.I liked it for the following reasons

    great simple and easy to read layout

    In your post you covered taste,touch,smell and sound and how this plays a part in creating a sensual environment,I suspect that most men like me have never ever really realised how important how important this can be for a woman.After reading this article it has definitely made me more aware to pay attention to these details in the future.Thanks DnG !!

  2. Yes, your right, love is needed every where. our lovers should not be left alone and some times love is very important as you said but you never mentioned what needs  to make love fun, like tourism off course money must be present. Dont you think money is necessary too. My wife is telling me to go for outing everyday and which is true.

    1. Yes,  sadly money is necessary for almost every thing we do. But you can show each other your love and need to be together every day. Work as a team to save the money you need for the other stuff. You will enjoy the time together more if you already know your love for each other is real.

  3. What an interesting topic and very information packed I might add. Being sensual is so very important especially if you have been with someone for a long time. It is important to continue being sensual with your partner so they know. Too many folks especially the younger generation think being sensual is all about sex, they are missing out.

    1. Thank you, for visiting our site. You sound like you know what’s up. Good for you. Hope you are living in love and laughs for many years to come.

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