Sex Toys for Couples – Should you get one?

Selection of sex toys, from Adam & Eve website.

Selection of sex toys, from Adam & Eve website.

Our goal with this post, is for couples to explore new ways to please your lover. Add some spice to your sex with a sex toy or  two. Give each other pleasure. Enjoy longer and intense sexual  play.

There are so many types of sex toys around now. Each with different styles, colors, textures, and uses. There are sex toys for women, men, bondage, anal sex, and sex machines.

We could spend hours naming all the sex toys out there. All made just to give you or your lover pleasure. Sex toys for couples, includes any adult toys or games used by couples.

Sex toys are a cheap way to liven up your sex life. Money for that far off exotic vacation may take some time to save. Going to that expensive hotel downtown for a romantic night may not fit the budget. A sex toy  cost less than a nice dinner for two.

Instead of fighting the bank to add some spice to your love life, try exploring something new in the bed room. Do you need sex toys to do this? No, all you need is a little imagination.  There are lots of ways to have fun sex lives.

We will tell you about – The sex toys we like. Problems we’ve found while using them. Other types of adult toys we haven’t tried.

Sex and Sex Toys

Remember making love is about making each other feel Good. Enjoy every moment you are together. Communicate about good and bad feelings. Learn what works and doesn’t work. Explore, use different angles, try different pressures and speeds. Think of different ways to move around, tease the erogenous zones. You could discover the magical G-SPOT.

Most of all have fun and enjoy the feelings you’re having together.

Sex toys are used in foreplay and during sex. While having intercourse use massagers or vibrators to stimulate the clit or base of the penis. Try touching different areas to find the best places to work on.

Some men and women enjoy having their anus stimulated. You may or may not like to be anally penetrated. Try new things, if you don’t like it don’t do it again.

I talked to a friend before writing this. His first question was. “Why don’t you give directions on what to do with the sex toys? You know, tell everyone step by step what to do.” My answer to that was. “If we tell you exactly how to do everything then it would take away from the experiences you are having. Part of the fun is the adventure and exploration of your lover. Plus, we aren’t in the room to tell you what to do or how long to do it. Every person will have different things they like and dislike. You will learn to communicate these things and maybe help your communicating at other times too.”

Lubrication for your Toys


Use lubricant on your sex toys to avoid soreness.

When having sex with or without sex toys. We always make sure we have plenty of lubricant. You may not need it for regular intercourse, but the sex toys might need a little more to be slippery enough. Unlubricated sex toys may cause irritation, soreness, bleeding or pain.

Sexual lubricant  is usually water or silicone based. You can get oil based, but they are not good for internal use.

Silicone Based can break down the silicone in some sex toys. Read more about it in our post on Vaginal Dryness.

Water based lubricants are the best option. They may need to be applied more often, to keep things sliding the right way. They clean up easier too.

Sex Toys for Couples

There are swings, games, costumes, and furniture.  We are going to talk about the ones we like and started with.

We will be posting reviews on all the different sexual products we use, eventually.

Here are some basics that we often enjoy and recommend for couples. Start exploring this exotic side of love.

Massager sex toys for couples


Wand massagers There are several brands of these. You can get recharging models ( no cord in the way ). We use them for massages and to stimulate each other. Put a couple of drops of lube where it’s needed, then get ready for a ride to heaven.

Vibrators Can be used for the same things as a massager. They are not as powerful. They work great for internal use, and some are shaped to hit the g-spot. Our favorite toy right now is the Lovelife Cuddle G-spot Massager from Adam and Eve. I really love getting her off a few times with it. Use vibrators to keep your motor running for and erotic evening. You can get Vibrating cock rings and small vibrators that go on your fingers. Most of them are very enjoyable if used properly.

Dildos Sometimes vibrators are to stiff for entering very far. Dildos maybe an option to try. They come as soft or hard as you want. All lengths and sizes. Dildos work well for anal play also. Use a small dildo or Butt Plug to start then move to a larger one till the anus is stretched enough to continue

Glass Butt Plug sex toy

Glass Butt Plug

. We have a couple and they can be fun to use but our vibrators do more for us.

Male masturbaters – The Pocket Pussy or the Fleshlight products are a great way to masturbate for guys.  A nice alternative if she’s in the mood to play with you for a while. Not my preferred option but it does work rather nicely.

Blindfolds and padded handcuffs or ties – We both enjoy this scene. Some couples may need to build their courage or trust before doing this. A feather, ice, and a warming massage oil work nicely together to heighten the senses and cause erotic tingles for your lover.

Most of the toys above are idea for most couples to get started in toy play. We will post more about toys in the future.

Sex machines, sex toys for couples

Sex Machines at Adam & Eve

Sex Machines Vary in types and styles. We are curious about them but my wife says some are scary looking. to watch. We’ll see what happens there.

Clean your toys after every use to avoid infections.

Women Using Sex Toys

Women if you are using a toy on yourself or having it used on you, use plenty of lubrication. Tell your lover If it feels good or if they need to try something different. You don’t want to be hurt or in pain. You may not even feel any soreness until the next day.

Men Using Sex Toys

Same thing goes for the men, use lubrication. Friction-burns on your penis are not fun. Communicate and really pay attention to your partner. When they say more lube, don’t do that it hurts, I’m to sore or sensitive. Listen and do something different. Start gently and build up till your know what your lover needs.

Thank You,

We are enjoying our time here. Hope you are too. Please leave comments and let us know how we’re doing. Ask questions or just say hi. Any information collected will not be used in any way.


Update — We were able to add some links to our favorite Sex Toy Store. They have discreet delivery and have been a great source of fun for us.

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8 Replies to “Sex Toys for Couples – Should you get one?”

  1. I can see that something like the toys you talk about could be fun. I’m going to give it a try and see if it’s really as good as you and my friend say it is. Thanks for writing this.

  2. Nice article and piece for the adult. Sex and sex toys sell faster than wild fire lately. But not until I read this post I never see the advantages of sex toys. I never knew couples can use it until I read this article. I thought the only thing girls use sex toys  for is for self satisfaction. But this article has opened my eyes to more important information. 

    So couples can use these for foreplay and the likes. Any couple without regular sex will result into some psychology depression and any man that is struggling to satisfy his wife will not have good self confidence. Hence these sex toys will go a long way to hell couples improve I’m their love and sex life. 

    Great and informative article I must say. 


    1. We are so happy to help. That is the main reason we’re doing this. You are absolutely correct about couples sex lives affecting their mental health. A healthy sex life helps in having a healthy relationship and that leads to a healthy life in general.

      We hope you’ll come back and read some other post they are all about things to help relationships.

      Have a wonderful life with love in it.

  3. Thanks so much for this great article.  I have been thinking about exploring some sex toys to help spice things up between me and my husband.  But the truth is, I am too embarrassed to go to a sex shop and talk to an actual person.  I really like that I can read all the information about this sensitive topic in relative anonymity and in the privacy of my own home.  You have wonderful tips and advice about the toys but you also don’t let the reader forget what is most important; closeness, love and enjoying the moment with your partner. You profile a lot of different tools, I had never even heard of a vibrating cock rings or a sex machine.  It looks like you have a lot of information about this topic on the rest of your website so I will delve deeper and see what else I can learn about. 

    1. Thanks for visiting us. So happy we could help. Our site is still new but we will keep adding more content and hopefully be able to add links to more information and some stores.

      Sex toys are a private topic and so is shopping for them. We are researching a few sites to purchase from and will add them in the near future.

      Before you purchase a toy you need to decide what you want from it. Is it for your pleasure or to use on each other. That may help in what to shop for.

      Good luck and we hope you come back to read some of our other post.

  4. Woow, thanks for sharing this products for sexual enhancement for couples. I am an hardcore masturbator, most time I watch porn and masturbate with my hand jerking off, I think the pocket pussy will be a great try for me. I can’t wait to try it out. Fiancee only comes on weekends for some rounds of sex but working days, mehn I’m all alone.

    1. Thank you for sharing with us about your situation.

      Remember to save some for her too. Get her a toy to and use them together when she visits. It’s something different for a change in the fun. Helps keep things entertaining.

      Masturbation is a healthy release and is fine when you need it. Just don’t let it affect your love life.

      Enjoy your time with her to the fullest.

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