Smoking and Sex – Tobacco is Killing Your Love Life!

Tobacco use causes Erectile Dysfunction in men. It also causes sexual dysfunctions and other problems for women. You may have seen the warnings on the label or even a sign posted somewhere. Do you really think tobacco companies would let anyone force them to print that on their products if it were not true?

We all know that smoking causes your body health problems – lung cancer, heart disease, and problems for pregnant women. Smoking and sex are no different.

Smoking puts your life in danger, we all know that. Is your sex life or lover worth it too?
They may be on the line if you don’t do something about it.

Just so you know.

We decided to write this post because, even with all the other problems that smoking causes you don’t hear about the way it affects your relationship very often.

I was using smokeless tobacco products from a young age. My wife was a smoker. Our physical health was okay until each of us had problems with depression and sexual dysfunctions. Looking back now, I think that nicotine may have helped cause the depression too.

While reading about the symptoms and causes of Erectile Dysfunction, we learned that nicotine and drinking can be major causes. The other thing we learned is, she was also having symptoms of sexual dysfunctions. Throw in some chemical unbalances and depression is bound to start.

We believe that the chemicals from smoking and chewing tobacco altered our bodies natural setting and threw everything out of sync. Causing depression, sexual dysfunctions, and other health problems we didn’t even realize at the time.

Our lives suffered and our sex lives suffered even more. All these things happening nearly ended our marriage and could have ended one or both of our lives completely.

Effects of Smoking and Nicotine on Couples

Cardiovascular Diseases and Respiratory Problems are enough to make sex less exciting just because you can’t preform as well as you want.

Nicotine alone, is likely the widest spread cause of Sexual Dysfunctions in humans, and is said to affect sexual desire.

It may not be every night, but when there is a problem ask yourself if you’ve been smoking more lately or not. That could be the cause. I know that, when I had problems it was usually after heavy use of tobacco and/or periods of not being active or exercising.

What if you are unable to perform at all, as a man? A women may suffer from vaginal dryness, so having sex is painful. These symptoms will cut through your sex drive and cause other problems to start in a couple’s relationship. When your not able to enjoy sex with your partner, they get self-conscious or suspicious about the causes. Then your relationship starts having more problems. I know at least one couple that broke up and this was most likely the start of their problems.

Other things smoking will cause are death, accelerated aging, poor health, odors, stains ( clothes, skin, teeth ) and may cause health issues for people around you. These are problems that lovers may hate or get tired of, causing arguments or even break-ups.

So, keep smoking at the risk of your relationship as well as your health.

How Smoking causes ED and Vaginal Dryness

One of the things that men and women have in common during arousal is hormones. The hormone levels have to be healthy for your body to respond in the manner it’s suppose to. Nicotine and the other chemicals can cause hormonal problems that will create symptoms that affect how the body reacts to stimulation. This can result in Sexual Dysfunctions or other symptoms, that may be life threatening.

Erectile Dysfunction from smoking is basically caused by the same things that cause Heart Disease and other Cardio issues. The nicotine causes damage to the blood vessels or vascular system. This means that even though you may be turned on, and your brain is sending signals to the penis to get erect, the blood vessels are not able to do so. The blood may not be flowing to the area well enough, or the blood vessels are damaged and not able to expand and hold the blood, if the blood is getting there.

Vaginal Dryness is probably the most common reason some women don’t enjoy sex. If the vagina isn’t moist during sexual activity a female will feel pain and possibly bleed during and/or afterward. Unhealthy Hormone levels can be the main cause. Smoking causes that and any number of other problems and is definitely the easiest to diagnose. Cardiovascular issues will cause some symptoms too.

The chemicals from smoking will also cause problems with getting pregnant and with the pregnancy itself.

All the reading we did say that quitting tobacco use can fix or at least helps recover from all but the worse cases of Sexual Dysfunctions.
Don’t you want to enjoy sex and love for as long as possible. Don’t throw it away.

The Main Reason to Quit Smoking

I feel that a lot of people don’t really get that smoking doesn’t just affect them. I’m not talking about Second Hand Smoke. Smokers may not really understand that when a lover or a son/daughter ask you to quit it is not just for your health. They love you or they would not care if you keep on or not.

What they are really saying when they ask you to quit is – I love you and don’t want you to have health problems or die on me. I need you to be here for me and to help me live and be happy. Don’t you want to be there for me?

Tobacco use can be hard to quit but if you find the right motivation you can do it. It’s important to the ones that love you.

Thank You for Reading Us

We hope that at least one person is helped by this and finds the motivation to save their relationship, their health, and their lives.

It is recommended that if you have any of the symptoms mentioned above that you see a doctor and make sure the problem is not a symptom of something worse. It may save your life.

Please leave a comment or ask questions. Go read our other post, some will explain Ed and Vanginal Dryness better and talk about ways to help with those issues.

Thanks for visiting and come back again soon.


Here’s a link to products and books for Quitting Smoking.

7 Replies to “Smoking and Sex – Tobacco is Killing Your Love Life!”

  1. Thank you for sharing. This article is quite timely as well as necessary. A lot of people would be better off without smoking tobacco or any other addictive substance. However, what do you think is the best way for an addict to quit smoking? And how can one tackle the occurrence of relapses ? 

    1. For me, the main thing that helped quit using tobacco was thinking about what was happening to my body, sex life, and my marriage. I used Nicotine Patches and gum both and that helped some. The Hardest part was getting past the habit of doing it. When I catch myself reaching for a smoke I do push-ups or sit-ups. That’s not always possible but when it is I do them.

      I hope this helped.

  2. Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful post on smoking which can kill our love life.Many people can’t realise how bad is tobacco in our daily life.Pregnant mothers can suffer from it as it infects the baby and that’s can result in death.

    I know well that many people are addicted by tobacco and quitting smoking can be difficult but it is very important to know its effects on our daily life.

  3. Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful post on smoking which can kill our love life.Many people can’t realise how bad is tobacco in our daily life.Pregnant mothers can suffer from it as it infects the baby and that’s can result in death.

    I know well that many people are addicted by tobacco and quitting smoking can be difficult but it is very important to know its effects on our daily life.

  4. This va great article  smoking for sure is a silent killer in so many ways than most of us are to know .we through all the warning into the window  and  we continue smoking as if all is okay alas when time comes  we begin having issues within our marriage, that to me alone is no good news, for anyone now put the picture of cancer,and lung issues it never ends well for smokers. But as long we have people to enlighten them my be we have a fighting chance.

  5. Oh this is brilliant make sure I will show this to my partner as I can’t stand the smell of tobacco and sometimes even puts me off with the smell and taste! ugh! Definitely she’s trying to quit as I can’t stand it stand it and I might be interested to buy books for her to stop smoking and so many people as the same problem! Well done great post!

    1. Thank you for your comments. We hope this does help you. Be sure to give your partner as much support and understanding as you can. Smoking is an addition and is a hard one to beat. With the right motivation anyone can do it.

      Good Luck for the New Year.

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