The Sensual Massage for Couples – Better Sex Through a Loving Touch

The Sensual Massage is the perfect way to start an erotic evening. Show how much you care. Giving a sensual massage is as enjoyable as receiving it. Exploring your lovers body. Finding the right places to touch. Turning them on is as exciting as being touched and turned on.

I hope to encourage couples to enjoy both sides of this adventure. Though loving touches and relaxing stimulation. The sensual massage is a wonderful way to relax your partner. It sets the mood for a loving and romantic sexual encounter.

Sensual Massage does not  always have to lead to sex. A loving touch can sooth away all the aches, pains, and  frustrations of a bad day.

You can be as sensual as you want to be. A sensual Massage may start a long and erotic encounter. That feeds both of your desires for more.

Sometimes you’ll  realize your lover just needs to relax and rest. That is okay. You can always follow though at a better time and you’ll both enjoy it more.

Setting the mood is Important.

Glass Heart with candles

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The sensual massage should relax and stimulate at the same time. It is better if the atmosphere is set in the same manner. Just turning the lights down or lighting candles is enough.

If there is time light candles and run a relaxing bath. The way your lover prefers. The more effort put into the set up, the more the recipient will relax and enjoy the moment.

Preparing a surprise sensual massage shows how much love you feel. Show your desire to please your lover. Gifts or a relaxing beverage may help too.

Your imagination is the limit. A sensual massage doesn’t cost anything but your time and effort.

The mood doesn’t always have to be set beforehand. You could be cuddling together and start softly touching each other. One of you takes the lead and starts massaging the other. Maybe a loving caress is just the thing to get your lover in the mood for a sexual encounter. You could position yourselves to sensually touch each other at the same time.

There is no rule book, you don’t have to schedule every moment, go with the flow and enjoy being together.

Sensual massage couple holding each other

Once you get started down this track things can move as fast or as slow as you want. I like to make encounters like this last as long as possible. Use your time together to bond and enjoy your love. Plus it’s fun to play like this, adults need adult activities to spice up their lives.

Massage oils

Massage oils and lubes are tools that can make a good massage into an amazing sensual and erotic journey.

Sensual massage oils

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Warm massage oil helps remove the friction of skin to skin contact. Turning a rough rub down into a sensual experience. You don’t have to be a trained masseuse.

Experiment with different oils. Find the one that work best for you. There are many types and brands that do a variety of things. Some are warming to the flesh. Others have a calming effect. There are some products that can be used as both massage oil and sex lubricant. Find the product that works best for you.

Warnings on the oils and instructions are important. Some may cause allergic reactions so you may need to test them. Put a small drop on  the area before you go all out.

Unless one of you has very sensitive skin you probably won’t have any issues.

Sensual Massages

Giving a romantic massage is not hard to do. You have already scored points by offering to make your lover feel better. Remember not to pinch or do anything that will cause pain. Unless that’s something they like. It will kill the mood and end the fun before it starts. A sensual massage is about enjoying the moment and building to a more satisfying encounter. Save the more aggressive fondling for later. Wait until they are getting turned on and the extra stimulation is wanted.

All you have to do is lovingly move your fingers and hands over your lovers body. Pay attention their reactions to different touches. In a sensual massage touch is the key to pleasing them. Try making them feel desired.

If there is any doubt ask if it feels good. By the same token if you are receiving a sensual massage and something isn’t comfortable speak up. If you are not enjoying the journey, then you may not enjoy the destination.

I like to start by massaging the upper back and shoulders. Then move up to the neck and caress around the ears. Move slowly back to the neck. Remember this is not a race, it’s about relaxing your lover and getting into the mood. Spend time going from the neck down the back. I’ll enjoy gently squeezing and running my hands over those wonderfully round butt cheeks. Eventually moving down her legs and sensually massaging her feet for a while. I’ll work my way back up to where I started. All the while telling my lover how I feel about her and about us. Adding little kisses to the more sensitive spots. I like to tease but not tickle. After finishing her back side, I turn her over and repeat the same moves on her front..

A sensual massage like this can begin and end anywhere you want. It can last as long both lovers are enjoying the loving touches and emotions.

Spend extra time massaging tense areas to relax them. Pay attention to your lover and don’t over stimulate sensitive areas. Caressing some spots for to long or to roughly can turn feeling wonderful to annoying very quickly. Communication is key, ask if your not sure and tell if something is not feeling great.

By only teasing around and not touching areas like the sex organs or nipples too much you can build the anticipation. Take your time and enjoy your lovers body. Explore each other and find the sensitive areas. Tease and play but don’t rush. Use these sensual moments to extend your love making into long passionate sessions, building to mutual release.

If this description wasn’t enough for you to feel confident about giving a sensual massage. Go here for books or videos that you both can watch and learn from together. Books and Videos for Sensual Massages


KY Lubricant

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Lubricants have many uses. The one we want right now is for when the sensual massage turns more sexual. Have fun with this too. Remember this is all about making each other feel good. Leading to a satisfying release for you both.

Massage oils and lubricants often have warming effects or ingredients that cause irritation to genitals or more sensitive areas of the body. This is true for vaginas or around the anal opening. I recommend using a sexual lubricant for these areas when the sensual massage progresses to this point.

I like the flavored lubes so I can move from digital stimulation to oral without the lubes taste ruining my mood. Some may not taste great but are better the oils. You just need to experiment to find the ones you like best.couple laying together

The Sensual Massage Ends but the Fun is Still Going On

Explore your lover and learn how they like to be touched. Ask how they touch themselves and try doing it for them.

Remember it’s about making them feel wonderful, desired, and loved.

The build up to this point should be fun. Use lube when needed and have fun driving each other crazy with lust. Be sure to ask what feels good and to learn everything you can about the way they prefer to be touched. For example – some women like to have their clitoris rubbed but get sensitive very quickly. Others prefer to have a personal massager or vibrator of some sort. Experiment some but don’t keep trying something that you were told wasn’t working.

You may want to find a massage book or video to help increase your comfort or technique. Some sensual massage videos are very helpful.

Hopefully this helped some Couples

I hope this helps some couples become closer and bond together using sensual massage. It is a romantic, fun, and exciting experience if done with love and care.

We plan to post some reviews on some of these sensual massage products. They may help you find the right one for you. The research and writing take time. Please be patient with us and come back for more.

Enjoy your time together and remember that communication is the key to everything. Communicate your feelings about doubts and your hopes.

Have fun loving lives,


P.S. – We added some links to help you find the items or products mentioned in the article.



6 Replies to “The Sensual Massage for Couples – Better Sex Through a Loving Touch”

  1. Thank you for sharing this post , as a male I came to the realization as I grew up and matured the importance or communication and sensual touching through massage . Many of the lubricants that we have tried are somewhat sticky probably due to the Glycerine I am guessing? I have heard that virgin coconut oil can also be used as a natural lubricate , would you happen to know if it’s true? 

    1. Hi Rick,

      We have found the using any oil based lubricant seems to cause more infections when used in the vagina so we tend to stay away from them. Using them for massage oils works very well, but may leave stains on sheets or clothes after cleaning. Coconut oils are one of our favorites because of the scent, but we have not use any virgin coconut oil to be sure of how it will work. 

      Also using sex lubricants for massage oil isn’t always idea. Some do get sticky and you have to keep applying more to stay slippery.

      Thank you, we hope you will visit again. 

  2. Thank you for this wonderful article on the sensual massage for couple.Couple’s life is very important to take care of and massage is one of the most exciting method which can increase the feeling with leads to making love in a very romantic way.

    This post includes many tips to make sensual massage and I will try to follow them to enjoy my sexual feeling through massage.

  3. DnG,

    After, 30 years of marriage, you must find ways to bring the spark back into the relationship – I will admit that massages do in fact light that spark again!  Now onto the exotic oils and lotions, please do not put very much faith in these to help the situation, we did try some but never found them really very good sorry to say.  Not to say that they were not fun just did not produce the effects they promised – but you will find this as you move along with your testing.

    Thanks for sharing I am sure there are couples out there that have not heard of this yet and need to be made aware,


    1. Thank you Susan,

      It is true that a lot of those products don’t really work as advertised. That’s one of the issues we plan to write about.

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