Vaginal Lubrication Products – Reviewing Types and Uses

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In this post we are going to talk about vagina dryness and lubrication. When and why you need lubrication products. The best types of sexual lubricants. The problems we have dealt with while using vaginal lubrication products.

Why Use Lubrication Down There?

If you have read our other posts then you know we like to use lubes in our sexual play. We have found many uses and still explore to find more. We’ll talk about some of them here.

We began using lubrication because vaginal intercourse had become painful for her and would kill the mood. It took a few years before we realized that even though she was turned on she was still getting dry during sex. When she stopped getting wet even with foreplay, we had to do something. These problems had started causing doubts and frustration for both of us. 

We decided to see a doctor and find out what was wrong. He told us to use vaginal lubricants during intercourse. Then ran some test on her to determine if a serious medical condition was the cause or not. Thankfully, in our case it was just age and stress.

Oral stimulation would only help so much because saliva doesn’t last that long. So we began trying different products. We have a few favorites and some we use for only certain acts.

Our main use for lubrication is to improve our sexual enjoyment while love making. We’ve found that while some lubricants are okay for a sensual massage, we prefer massage oils for that use. She has sensitive skin around her vagina though, so oils around there cause irritation. Massage oils for the body, lubricants for the genitals. That’s how we roll.

Using lube during foreplay reduces friction on the skin and helps turn your lover on without getting sore or overly sensitive. You don’t want to stop just when things get going do you? A few drops on the penis while you stroke or on the clit before you rub it can move the action along nicely.

Causes of Vaginal Dryness

Before the causes let me tell you the symptoms so you have and ideal of what to look for. If you experience these symptoms you should visit a doctor to determine the cause. A lot of the times just answering some questions can find the cause. Some times additional testing may be needed.

Symptoms include vaginal irritation and discomfort, burning, itching, Pain during or after intercourse as well as blood during or after. These symptoms can be caused by sex, or from dryness causing irritation while just moving around during the day. Infections will cause some of these symptoms or could be caused by the symptoms.

Causes for vaginal dryness, some are very serious or life threatening.

Decreased estrogen from – irregular estrogen level changes, childbirth, breast feeding, perimenopause, and menopause.

Other causes may be a lone culprit or add to the effects of the above causes. Many are mostly everyday activities you might not realize could cause a problem like this. – Infections ( urinary and vaginal ), dehydration, stress, use of alcohol or nicotine products, medications ( including birth control ), feminine douches ( some kill the good bacteria inside the vagina ), tampons, lotions, additives in bathwater, and scented soaps.

The scary causes are ovarian or uterine conditions. From a small infection or as bad as cancer. If it can effect your estrogen levels it can cause dryness in the vagina. Any infection or condition that effects the body could be causing symptoms.

If a female is frequently having the symptoms listed above then she should see a doctor to be sure. You could find a problem early or even save your life.

Types of Lubricants.

The types of personal lubricants are water based, silicone based, and oil based. Knowing this will help you decide on the ones you want to use. All of them can help but there are options and warnings to be aware of when buying.

Do not use petroleum products, because they are for external use only and may increase chances of infection.

Water Based Are preferred most of the time. They are easier to clean off and are less likely to cause yeast infections or other adverse reactions. Condom safe and don’t break down the silicone in sex toys. May need to be reapplied multiple times during use and are not a good option in the show or with water.

Silicone Based – A favorite for water activities. Tend to be more slippery which is good. Last longer, so you don’t need to reapply as often. Condom safe. They do break down the silicone in sex toys, so be careful with that use. Not as easy to clean up but it’s not bad.

Oil Based – The least preferred. Last the longest and work in just about any situation. Do not use with condoms as it will break down the latex and the condom will break. Can be harder to clean and more likely to stain. Not a good option for internal use as the oils or other chemicals are more likely to cause problems and infections.

Flavored – Taste can very from brand to brand. May help you enjoy of oral sex more if you need it. Adds to the fun. We enjoy the adventure of trying new flavors and they taste better than just plain lube. Warning some flavors are not very good so try a couple before you decide if you want to use them.


Stimulating or Sensations – Can add to the enjoyment and heighten the sensual part of love making. Makes body parts more sensitive or adds feelings of warmth or tingles. We enjoy using these on the externals bits but internally is not an option for us. We have a couple of friends that say they enjoy both applications and have no problems at all.

Brands and their products number in the hundreds. The types, flavors, stimulants and sensations are an endless supply for adventure.

We’ll add pictures of some of our favorites and soon start doing more detailed reviews in other post or comments.

Read the instructions and warnings on the products. Some need to be tested on a small area of flesh first to make sure there is no allergic reaction or over stimulation. Having an adverse reaction to the lube after you’ve spread it everywhere could be very bad.

Remember to reapply as needed. Better to much lube than hurting your lover during a romantic encounter. Soreness or even pain or bleeding may not be noticed till afterward or the next day. So if in doubt ask for more lube or just add some more.

Careful of your nice sheets, comforters, and clothes. Some of the products can stain or be hard to wash out.

Other Uses

Lubricants are of course used for vaginal intercourse to make it more enjoyable and help prevent pain and other problems.

Why stop there? Experiment with other forms of sex. Try some old or new positions with lube, you may be surprised by the difference it makes.

You can buy lubricants for anal sex but to be honest they are mostly the same as above. Make sure you use plenty and help your lover relax for this act. Some couples really enjoy it as long as the lube keeps flowing.

Oral lubricant is primarily for fellatio to help with going deeper or just make it slippery. We haven’t used these yet but it is something to think about.

Love Each Other

Using lube improved our sex lives. Along with communicating more about what we liked and disliked, turned into talking to each other about everything in our lives. We are so much happier now. Maybe sex isn’t the key to start communication for you. Talking solves a lot of problems because you can work as a team to fix them.

Love yourselves and love each other. Life will be amazing.

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4 Replies to “Vaginal Lubrication Products – Reviewing Types and Uses”

  1. Lubs are becoming more and more important for couples intending to enjoy a prolonged active sexual life. Just like in your situation,  a busy work schedule and stress is a major cause for dryness in women aas they age. In the past I and my partner have used coconut oil because its organic and natural with a really good scent, It would be nice to try something new like the Trojan lubricant; can’t wait to know what its like

    1. Thank you for sharing with us.

       Be careful using any oil based products, as they can be a cause of yeast infections. It is harder for the body to break them down and clean away the oils. We recommend water based lubes for most activities.

      Happy loving to you.

  2. I had to have a hysterectomy a few years ago at the age of 52.  Even though I had already started menopause, the surgery threw me right into the deep end, and I started having many of the negative effects.  Now I’m at a point where things are settling down and I’m feeling really good, except for the dryness.  It’s caused our sex life to diminish because it’s painful, and many of the lubricants don’t help a lot.  Can you recommend what you think is the best for this?

    1. We are very sorry that is happening to you. We know from experience what it can do to a relationship.

      First thing to think about is talking to your doctor to make sure there isn’t some physical problem.

      The next recommendation is to try a few different brands and types. For example try a silicone based lubricant if you think the problem is not being slippery enough. Another common problem is that lubricants need to be reapplied during intercourse or foreplay so they don’t wear off. You really can not use to much, but you have to keep enough on or you’ll have problems.

      Thank you for sharing and we hope this helps. We hope you struggles become giggles.

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